About OOF Media

The OOF Media founders have been doing web design and development for over a decade. Using this experience as a base for our high-end application development, we have produced hundreds of web applications for businesses throughout the US and Canada.

At OOF Media, we have narrowed our focus to high-end, interactive applications, following a time-tested process that ensures our clients app reaches as many people as possible by scaling as necessary to many different devices.

Our process is simple and highly effective:

  • Develop and consumer-test the desktop version of application. This could be a full website, or a simple "landing page" application.
  • Using the desktop site as a foundation, build a mobile version of the website or application, with heavy emphasis on iPhone and Android as well as device specific features, such as the iPhone retina display.
  • Gather feedback from mobile site users, examine analytics over a period of time (1 - 2 weeks for an redesign, longer for a new site/application).
  • Using the mobile application as a foundation, and information gained from user feedback, create a native iPhone and Android application, using device specific features as necessary.

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